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          HRP provides meaningful educational, networking, and community outreach opportunities
for professionals supporting workforce mobility.

It is our outstanding members who help ensure our programs remain relevant and informative. We invite all HRP members to get involved in the program design this year by suggesting potential session topics for our Educational Events. If you have a session topic that you would like the HRP Board to consider, please submit your proposal using the following link:

  • Proposed Session Title
  • A brief description of the session content
  • Proposed participants (i.e. moderators, panelists, speakers, etc)
  • A description of what the audience will gain from the session, and why this topic is relevant or current
  • What steps you will take to ensure the topic is relevant and interesting enough to hold the audience's attention (audience interaction elements)

We are committed to making HRP a key component to success within the Houston Mobility Industry, and with your collaboration, we are confident we can continue to provide an environment of knowledge-share and professional growth opportunities. We are looking forward to receiving your proposals.

If you are not interested in presenting, but have a great idea for a session, please send it our way and we will do our best to make it happen!

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